Community Theatre

Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Bah Humbug Productions

The Snow Queen and the Goblin

Winter 2014

Audiences last December were delighted with the story of young Gerda’s efforts to rescue her friend Kai from the Snow Queen and her minions. The antics of the Goblin and the Snow Queen's Snowmen Guards were a hit with young and old alike.


The Snow Queen and the Goblin was presented at Parkland College Theatre from December 12 through 21, 2014.


Cast (in order of appearance)

Old Story Teller: Keith Hays

Snow Chorus Members:

            Snowbird (Co-Chorus Captain): Anna Adams

            Permafrost: Ava Darter-Krantz

            Avalanche: Parker Evans

            Glacierella: Addie Gray

            Crystallina: Parfaite Lumbu Padibunga

            Snowball (Co-Chorus Captain): Tyson Skinner

            Snowflake: Jordyn Warhover

            Iceberg: TBA

Whirlabout (Guard): Jim Dieker

Crystal (Guard): Gil Yohnka

Blizzard (Guard): Tim Adams

Acha Le Goblin: Ellison Radek

The Snow Queen: Kelly Barbour-Conerty

Grandma Freja: Gail Snowdon

Gerda: Blaine Lehman

Kay: Michael Ryan


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