Community Theatre

Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Bah Humbug Productions

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Winter 2012

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson was presented by Bah Humbug Productions as its 2012 Holiday Season show at Parkland College Theatre. It is a hilarious Christmas tale about a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant when they are faced with casting probably the most inventively awful kids in history: the Herdman kids. The pandemonium—and the fun—is unbelievable when the Herdman kids collide with the Christmas story head on! Music, mayhem, and miracles all abound!


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever was directed by Angela Schneider and ran for eight performances at Parkland College Theatre in December 2012.



Bob Bradley: Brian Chaille

Grace Bradley: Kelly Barbour-Conerty

Beth Bradley: Dominique Allen/Lauren Smith

Charlie Bradley: Tyson Skinner

Ralph Herdman: Gabe Chaille

Imogene Herdman: Alexandra Adamek/Renee Norris

Leroy Herdman: Michael Ryan

Claudia (Claude) Herdman: Blaine Lehman

Olivia (Ollie) Herdman: Kami Butsch

Gladys Herdman: Trinity Carpenter/Ellison Radek

Alice Wendleken: Julia Robbins

Maxine: Emmy Daniels

Elmer Hopkins: Kade Kinnamon

Helen (Hobie): Anastasia Conerty

Donna (David): Kara Kinnamon

Beverly: Jordyn Warhover

Shirley: Asha Mosley

Juanita: Alex Curry

Carol: Kaitlyn Reedy

Reverend Hopkins: Les Schulte

Mrs. Armstrong: Mary Rose Cottingham

Mrs McCarthy: A.J. Curry/Rita Schulte


Photo Gallery

Mrs. Slocum: Rebecca Eubig

Ms. Clark/Choir Director: Reniya Thompson


            Keith Hays

            Nick Schneider

Wise Men:

            Michael Ryan

            Blaine Lehman

            Kami Butsch


            Amanda Galloway

            Kade Kinnamon

            Alexandra Adamek/Renee Norris

            Evan Galloway

            Tyson Skinner


            Anastasia Connerty

            Alex Curry

            Kara Kinnamon

            Asha Mosley

            Jordan Warhover

            Kaitlyn Reedy